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I have read and agree to the TOS

Some reasons that you should use Dir50.club :
You can upload as many files as you want and download or share them as much as you like.
No waiting times , unlimited parallel downloads and no querries! We are always happy to help via email , skype or even live chat.
We do not charge users for store upload or download. Dir50.club is and will always be free for everybody. We offer really fast download speeds. We do not restrict website usage

Create a Dir50.club account and instantly get 100 GB free online storage space.

You can always give a look arround for great tutorials people create about our website like :
How to download any file from Dir50.club , How to upload or download any file from the internet , or How to download a file from Dir50.club from an android device.

Its free!

Our service is free! It was it is and always will be free for everybody! Regardless any criteria , while you do respect our usage policy you can use our service on unlimited basis!

Responsive and always online!

Our websites and apps are complitely responsive and accessible from anywhere! From mobile , laptops or tablets , you can use our system from anywhere you would like to.


Web Security

Security matters here, we count our users security on a very high level , you can keep using our service for your personal needs or for sharing your files with your friends or arround the internet , secure and encrypted in the most effective way.

Blazing fast

We are using utra fast servers arround the world so your files are being delivered at the best possible speeds. Our main servers run on 10.000mbit internet lines to guarante the delivery of your content quick and securely.


Light Speed Servers

Our servers are hosted in big and powerful companies , ensuring that all of your uploads and downloads will be on time , on the time you want them. On a total speed of 36.000gb per second we can serve even millions of parallel downloads.

Cloud Upload

You can use our alternative ways of uploading like remote file upload from url or remote file upload from server , you can even maually upload any file from any modern browser like Chrome , Mozilla Firefox or Safari and Opera , you can also use a proxy server to upload any kind of files from any server that supports apache or nginx.